Alumnae Roundtable

In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of GWWIB’s Annual Spring Conference, the Alumnae Roundtable will commemorate GWWIB’s decade long commitment to “Careers, Connections, and Community.” This session will provide an opportunity to speak with alumni about how they have leveraged their GWWIB experiences in the professional space.

Alumni Participants:

Christina Giordano, Account Manager at The Muse

Rosa Hakim, Equity Specialist at Bloomberg

Lauren Shaoul, Email Marketing Coordinator at Tarte Cosmetics

Gabbi Baker, Account Manager at Ogilvy

Emily Bennett, Global Marketing Director at L’Oreal

Danielle Sadd, Commercial Rotation Program Associate at Capital One

Stephanie Schipull, Associate at Eagle Hill Consulting

Alexandra Giacalone, Independent Meeting & Event Producer

Allison Mulhearn, Director People Services, Business Partner at Bandwidth Inc.

Deloitte Business Chemistry

Expressly designed for use in a business context, Business Chemistry draws upon the latest analytics technologies to reveal four scientifically based patterns of behavior. The system is designed to provide insights about individuals and teams based on observable traits and preferences. Deloitte teamed with scientists from the fields of neuro-anthropology and genetics to develop a system that leverages modern computational techniques to bring a data-driven approach to observing and understanding differences in people’s business styles. In this session, learn what your business chemistry type means, how to guess others’ business types, and tips for working well with different business chemistry types.

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities: Why Resilience is the Key to Success

Facilitated By: Lekisha Middleton, Founder and Chief Success Officer at The Good Success Network

Obstacles are inevitable on this journey that we call life, and if you have the passion and drive to pursue great things, they are pretty much guaranteed. The thing that separates the good from the great is their ability to view obstacles through the lens of opportunity, therefore making the situation work to their advantage. The word 'resilience' comes from the Latin word, 'resilio' which means ‘to bounce back.’ Resilience is the ability to adapt well in the face of adversity, tragedy or stress and is a critical component to success. In alignment with this year's conference theme, this workshop will provide participants with practical strategies and tools needed to build the emotional resilience to grow, transform and transcend in their respective careers and in life.

Facebook Unfiltered, Hosted by Michelle McKelvey

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