Launch Party Recap

By: Ally Landrum 


Acting as a physical embodiment of what It means to be a member of GW Women in Business, the 9th Annual Spring Conference Launch Party was fun, energetic, passionate, and inspiring in ways that really emphasized the goals and values of the entire organization. The night began with mingling, cookies, chocolates, and flavored sparkling water in plastic flutes. On the far wall hung inconspicuous roles of white paper, makers and post-its on a table just beneath it, promising the excitement of the upcoming reveal. Another wall, adorned with photos of inspiring men and women from around the world - including Michelle and Barack Obama, actress Emma Watson, and editor-in-chief of Vogue Anna Wintour - acted as an inspirational backdrop for pictures. At the entrance to the room a few members were stationed to sell conference and raffle tickets. The winner of the raffle would be announced at the end of the night and would receive a bag of goodies as a sneak-peek to what would be offered at the conference. The room quickly filled with excitement, and as the minutes passed, you could feel the anticipation of what was coming next.

2018-02-07 07.58.43_preview.jpg

After about half an hour the Co-Chairs along with the Committee Directors stood behind the podium to officially launch the Spring Conference. In their speeches, they thanked their hardworking committees and then played a video that revealed the theme of this year’s conference as “Make Your Mark.” This acted as a call to all participants, highlighting the importance of being yourself, standing out, and “making your mark” in school, the workplace, and the world.

The white sheet on the far wall was then adorned with a banner spelling out “Make your Mark,” and as people were invited to make their mark on the wall, it filled up with handprints, post-its and color. As Georgetown Cupcakes with the conference logo were revealed (and promptly snatched up before enough pictures could be taken), and the winner of the raffle was announced, excitement continued to grow. With such a wonderful team and group of future inspirational men and women in attendance, this year’s Spring Conference will be the most inspirational, exciting, and memorable one yet.