Making My Mark on the Spring Conference

By: Analisa Bittner

IMG_3511 (1).jpg

For the past three months I have been working alongside an amazing group of people that have really shown me what true teamwork and collaboration are all about. Serving on the Marketing committee for the Spring Conference has enabled me to take on a new level of responsibility that has helped shape the leader I wish to become. Every week we  meet as committees, discuss the goals for the upcoming week and are all given tasks that has to be completed within a certain time frame. Some weeks we brainstorm possible marketing strategies to reach more groups in the undergraduate body at GW, and other weeks we draft social media posts for Facebook and Instagram, that highlights speakers and workshop series featured at the Spring Conference. Additionally, I have had the honor of working on the promo video for the launch party that worked to reveal this year’s theme, #MakeYourMark. Being a part of the Spring Conference team has truly increased my marketing skills, as I am now able to understand what techniques and strategies to apply when trying to advertise various parts of an event. Overall it has been, and continues to be, an incredible learning experience. On a daily basis, I see the amount of work that is required behind the scenes to organize an event of this scale. Being a part of this committee has given me invaluable experiences and relationships that have made their mark on me.