Reflecting on My Committee Experience

By: Charlotte Lewis

I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I read the email that explained I had been chosen to be on the Marketing Committee for the Spring Conference this year. I was excited of course, but mostly curious and apprehensive of what the process would be like and what kinds of things I would learn throughout. Yet I never imagined the extent of all of the good it would give me.

2018-02-07 07.17.30_preview (2).jpg

Coming in with zero marketing experience and no one I knew on the committee, quickly changed after our first meeting. I was surrounded by ambitious, creative, and motivated women who were just as excited and ready to work as I was. I felt inspired by them and their openness and knew I would make many friends. Our director broke the work down into manageable tasks and gave us full responsibility in our section of work. Being trusted with responsibility made me step up and perform which proved to myself that I could handle what was given to me.

From planning and executing the most successful launch party for our ticket sales, to drafting social media posts and tabling, the committee has given me tangible skills that I can use in an interview and beyond. As a freshman it’s difficult to have applicable experiences to show off and the Spring Conference Marketing Committee has given me those experiences. But more importantly, it’s given me the confidence in myself to pursue similar experiences and know that I can be successful in them.